As part of its Social Responsibility, ALSAYER Group Holding Corporate Excellence collaborated with “Nahtam” Volunteer team (Kuwait Voluntary Work Center) and the Ministry of Interior, as a main sponsor for "Ramadan Aman" campaign. The campaign slogan that says, “Ramadan Together without accidents", aimed to reduce the speeding and avoid traffic accidents by the motorists during the hours of breaking fast.

The event was supported by Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi from UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Sabah from Kuwait, Salah Al Seif representing “Nahtam” Volunteer team, Eng. Ibrahim Al Fouzan Business Director Toyota Group Service Division, Eng. Nehad Haj Ali Deputy Group Manager Corporate Excellence, Shibu Mohamed Manager CSR and ALSAYER volunteers.

Speeding on the road during Ramadan poses massive safety and social risks and this initiative supported to highlight it through a creative way of joint awareness about traffic and road safety during Ramadan, to effectively control it.

ALSAYER volunteers distributed food kits to the drivers at traffic signals and at junctions to spread the message of Ramadan a month of giving, and care. They also held quick interaction with motorists to abide by traffic rules and follow safety measures to avoid dangerous road accidents.

According to Eng. Nehad Ali Deputy “Ramadan Aman, means Safe Ramadan. The objective behind this effort is to prevent drivers from speeding during the rush hour before Iftar that often increases the risk of accidents. Kuwait experience 15 hours of fasting and many commuters are in a hurry to reach their destination to break the fast with families or friends. So, it is relevant to spread this important message to drive cautiously, and arrive home safely.”

ALSAYER has an integrated strategy in place that includes organizing and sponsoring social activities. They aim to develop the CSR plans to work for benefit of the society by adopting many activities and programs that enrich human values and Kuwait community, promote collective volunteering for national unity, and, enhance the sustainable development of ALSAYER Group Holding.



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