Since its debut in 1982 and subsequent evolution over six generations, Camry has come to be embraced by people for its excellent performance, ride quality and its reliability. 

Toyota Camry was introduced in 1993 in the Gulf and continues to be the strongest and the most preferred sedan. Around the world, Camry has established a reputation for value. It’s simply outstanding in every way with the highest market share of the medium-size market in the GCC. The drivers of Camry are loyal they know quality and they buy it again and again.
The car has established an unshakeable presence in the standard mid-size sedan market – both in the Middle East and around the globe – selling more than 15 million units worldwide. 
Toyota Camry blends an evolution of the car’s values – such as comfort, efficiency, reliability and safety – with a more appealing design and engaging driving experience. 
Incorporating Toyota’s development philosophy of Quality, Durability and Reliability, Camry highly compliments the new design direction that has led Toyota to develop cars with dynamic and exciting exterior designs while increasing the “Waku-Doki” fun to drive quotient. This has also resulted in a quantum jump in customer satisfaction while giving customers the peace of mind of Toyota ownership.
Thanks to customers in the region for their loyalty and support over the years. Every new model of Camry is Toyota’s way of repaying their trust by making a truly special vehicle for them.



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