Mohamed Naser Al Sayer, a subsidiary of ALSAYER Holding and Toyota Genuine Spare Parts recently hosted a display stand at Avenues Mall to spread the awareness about the danger of using counterfeit parts. Members from the Group Parts Division interacted with the visitors and explained the key benefits of using genuine quality parts to support long engine life and improve overall vehicle performance.

The specially designed stand featured touch and feel display of genuine and counterfeit parts where spare parts specialists educated the various ways it harmed the car. Visitors at the stand were keen to understand the different grades and quality of products available in the market and the importance of checking the genuine trademark label and the appropriate product codes during their purchase.

ALSAYER has been active with seminars and workshop involving concerned government and customs officials in the field of campaigning against anti-counterfeit parts entering the market. The main objective of the seminar was to associate the strategic objective of fostering partnership among the official authorities directly concerned with matters corresponding to intellectual property rights such as private sector companies represented by MNNS, professional experts and government agencies.

Fake versus Genuine – Almost look similar

The spread of counterfeit parts has become a growing problem that threatens the manufacturers, sellers and consumers alike. The offenders of these illegal activities have become more professional, they use packaging materials and posters to conceal being absolutely counterfeit or change it slightly so that the average consumer can’t distinguish it because of the difficulty of discovering these differences in any pieces.

Unique and Advanced Toyota Patented Technology:

Toyota believes that improving levels and standards of safety and performance requires proper employment of technology, innovation and continued pursuit of perfection to provide new solutions through its own efforts or in cooperation with leading world organizations, basically to reduce casualties in comparison with world accident figures.

Therefore, Toyota recruits massive numbers of qualified technicians and engineers with best training at reputed universities, and technology institutes who have demonstrated best hands on performance and achievements in development and innovation using most advanced equipment and technology to further improve innovation and inventions which positively impact our life.

Decade Long Anti-Counterfeit Campaign by Al Sayer:

Alsayer Group has been promoting customer and overall public awareness about counterfeit parts and their damaging effects and life-threatening risks over the past 10 years. These are aimed at educating customer and enhancing his awareness of the existence and risks of using such counterfeits, and to encourage customers to shun such products and go for Toyota genuine parts for safe driving and trouble-free vehicle performance. Al Sayer is using special labels to identify and distinguish Genuine parts for its customers.



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