Yokohama Promotion Campaign - 3rd Draw Winners

First Prize 10 Gold Coins  Abdullah Sarhan Abdullah عبدالله سرحان عبدالله
Second Prize 5 Gold Coins Ali Nasser Abdullah علي ناصر عبدالله
Third Prize 4 Gold Coins Abdulaziz Musad Al-Dosari عبدالعزيز مساعد الدوسري
Fourth Prize 3 Gold Coins Eid Saud Al - Azmi عيد سعود العازمي
Fifth Prize 2 Gold Coins Mubarak Barak Al - Hifi مبارك براك الهيفي
Sixth Prize 2 Gold Coins Salman Mohammed Al Ajmi سلمان محمد العجمي
Seventh Prize 2 Gold Coins Yasser Asaad Yousef ياسر أسعد يوسف 
Eighth Prize 2 Gold Coins Mohamed Sobhi Mulla محمد صبحي الملا
Ninth Prize 2 Gold Coins Awad Musayah Awad Al - Azmi عواد مسياح عواد العازمي
Tenth Prize 2 Gold Coins Ali Hani AlHaddad علي هاني الحداد




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